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Rental Terms & Conditions
1. Rental is limited to use of the main hall, stage, kitchen & bathrooms.
2. Times for daily rentals: Fridays 5:00pm to 2:00am; Saturdays 9:00am to 4:00pm & 5:00pm to 2:00am; Sundays 9:00am to 4:00pm & 5:00pm to 12:00am
3. *ALL RENTAL AREAS MUST BE CLEANED BEFORE VACATING- CLEANING THE FOLLOWING DAY IS NOT PERMITTED* The Hall is often rented the following day and thus we cannot permit tenants to postpone cleaning the Hall.
4. The amount reserved on the above Credit Card as Security Deposit will be equal to the rental amount. Should any damage or cleaning fees arise that exceed this amount, the tenant will be responsible for any and all damages which may be charged to the Credit Card and/or sent to a collection agency for collection of the outstanding amounts. If a cleaner is called in to clean up after your event there will be a minimum charge of $200 however charges for clean-up and damages may exceed this min. charge.
5. All tables and chairs used must be stacked and returned to the storage area. Please advise the Kinsmen Club of any broken chairs or tables should this occur. DO NOT STACK CHAIRS IN FRONT OF EMERGENCY EXIT OR FIRE ALARM OR CHARGES MAY BE INCURRED FOR THIS. No chairs or tables are to remain on the stage. Chairs are to be stacked no higher than 4 chairs against the wall away from Fire Exits.
6. Rental area must be left cleaned up, swept and mopped before departing with no debris. All tables and chairs must be wiped down and put away clean in the same condition as they were received.
7. Personal safety of anyone using the hall is the responsibility of the tenant. Please refer to the manual.
8. Any damage that may occur is the responsibility of the tenant and will be charged accordingly.
9. The Cosmo Senior Centre is not responsible for vehicles or any other property in the building or in the parking lot.
10. Security, proper lock-up and fire checks are the responsibility of the tenant. All keys I access must be forfeited to obtain release of the Security Deposit. This includes any exterior doors (Fire Exits, Furnace room rear door) must be closed and locked.
11. On-site security may be required at the tenant's expense. The tenant is responsible for any and all liability and assumes all liability for any guests that use the premises.
12. All raves, dance parties, or other loud events are not permitted without security.
13. The building is to be vacated by 2:00 am at the latest. Should the event continue past 2:00 am there will be an additional charge of $200/hr. Prior permission may be granted prior to the booking.
14. Any and all City of Saskatoon By-Laws must be obeyed. Should the Saskatoon Police Service be called to the event due to a complaint or disruptive event, the tenant will forfeit the Security Deposit amount.
15. Alcohol may be consumed in the building only if a liquor permit has been issued for the event at the tenant's expense. No alcohol may be consumed outside of the property and clean-up of any bottles, cups, garbage, etc. on the interior AND exterior are the responsibly of the tenant.
16. The maximum number of persons in the building at all times is 289.
17. All spills must be mopped, floors swept decorations taken down and garbage placed outside prior to vacating the property. There will be an additional clean-up charge beyond the forfeited Security Deposit should the premises be left in an uncleanly manner. Mops, hot water, brooms etc. are available across from the men's washroom.
18. The stove, fridge and oven must be cleaned if used. If not, a charge of $200 plus an additional fee for cleaning the kitchen will be charged.
19. All exterior doors (fire doors) must remain closed at all times for noise, fire and vandalism protection, if the Door's on the east wall are opened and used for a smoking area you will be charged a minimum call in fee of $200.00 to remove cigarette's I garbage off of the sidewalk etc. Front entry must be cleaned up of all debris.
20. The Hall Rental Committee reserves the right to withhold the deposit and charge for any additional damages. Any charges will be communicated to the tenant within 72 hours of the event held.
21. The Hall Rental Committee and/or its representatives reserve the right to terminate the above said agreement with the tenant immediately without any prior notice, should the tenant be in violation of any Laws or Bylaws within the City of Saskatoon.
22. Failure to follow all laws, rental terms and conditions, applicable rules and regulations will be cause for immediate eviction or added costs to the credit card givin at time of rental
23. The Hall Rental Committee (and any representative thereof) retains the right to evict objectionable persons from the premises. Repeated violations may result in denial of
24. future reservation requests. 
25. All garbage bags, etc. must be placed in the dumpster in the back alley (behind the parking lot).
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